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Payment & Set up Information:- 

Please Call or Message Rachel on 07985 520567 or Email - for more information, as every event is different. 


The fee is to be paid in Cash only at the party, on arrival. (I don't have a card machine with me on the day, so I don't accept card payments, cheques or £50 notes, I'm afraid). 

The quoted fee includes entertainment, set up & pack down time, travel, public liability insurance, safe electric PAT testing, enhanced DBS check & 20 years professional experience. All music & equipment is provided by the singer & will be brought to the venue, unloaded & set up prior to the performance.

For Clubs, Pubs & Parties:_

Requirements for the singer:- 2 empty plug sockets at the venue, an ample space for the singer to sing & dance with  a  medium sized table set up behind for the equipment. The speakers need to be at least 6 foot apart, space would be required for this. I would need 45 minutes/1 hour to set up the equipment & 30 minutes to pack away. Please make sure this time is included when booking the venue. 

For all venues including Care Homes:-

Please note - A car parking space would be needed very near to the venue, so vehicle access would be required to unload/load my music equipment. I would, also, need to leave the car in this space or another space close to the venue for the duration of the event. If there are any parking restrictions such as:- a Parking Permit, this would need to be arranged by yourselves (the booker) & given to the singer on arrival to the venue.  Also, if I need to give my car registration to the venue, metered parking, pay on a meter or any other restrictions, please let the singer know at the time of making the booking. Thank you very much for this. 

All bookings are taken in good faith & both parties should intend on carrying out the booking.

Updated on 04/01/2024. 

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